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A loved digital release, on Amazon Kindle and Apple Books - we've brought the uplifting re-telling of the Montgolfier's first balloon flight to print.

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In their new book, Moira and Louis Benoit bring their writing and illustrating talents together to retell that story to children, through the eyes of the brave animals onboard. ‘Rooso Takes To The Sky: The story of the first hot air balloon flight as told by the passengers; Rooso, Monteauciel and Duck’ is full of fun, whimsy and educational inspiration. It’s unique to say the least!
“We wanted to write something highly entertaining and fun, but also something
that would generate interest and discussion in topics like inventing, science
and history. Louis and I were the ideal collaborators for this project.
Together, we bring years of writing and award-winning illustrating to the table.”
- Moira Benoit (Author)
Continuing, “This is a story from history that we don’t want to lose, made all the more curious by the fact that animals became the first balloon passengers. It’s going to resonate extremely well with children, due to its unique narrative. In fact, we are also currently in the process of having the book translated into French. It appears there’s interest from around the world including Versailles!
“This is a funny and engaging story, based on facts, with beautiful pictures.
My son dreams of being an inventor and this book inspired him to paint,
write and invent and I love that he was learning history at the same time.
Highly recommend!” 
- A.G. Kay
“A wonderful story of the Montgolfier brothers balloon flight told from the perspective
of the passenger Rooso who is the family’s cockerel and his two companions
Montauciel the sheep and a duck with no name. This is a delightful story
full of lovely quirky details that really bring the tale to life. Beautifully illustrated
throughout with pen and ink drawings which have a wonderful frenetic style.
Thoroughly enjoyed by my 7 year old nephew.”
- Helen Roberts

Digital Release
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